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My Dear Students and Parents,

We are approaching the end of 2020, a year that will be seared in our memories as we endure the challenges and changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our lives. We have been living with the uncertainties since the beginning of the year and are forced to adapt quickly with the new norms of the pandemic, especially our working life.

I believe that most of us have been working from home ever since the outbreak, and many others have also continued to carry out with their jobs under extremely trying conditions. As students of a prestigious institution of the nation, I would like to urge you to exhibit resilience and discipline and spread hope to others in this testing time.

Many of our students are expecting to complete their degrees at this historic juncture, while several others are just starting out under an extremely stressful time. I am pleased to inform you that with our efforts to improve governance, CUI will continue to emphasize student services and quality education in its vision for the coming years. We have launched programs in cyber security, artificial intelligence, and data science, to build on our strength in Information Technology as well as to cater to the future human resource needs. In the coming year we will focus on making our programs industry relevant and reconnecting with our 66,000+ strong alumni, who are so important to our societal impact.

We all know that it has become emotionally challenging for the life under isolation. Students are unable to attend classes physically and the social life is also perturbed, further the university is also undertaking drastic containment measures for the virus. I would like to urge everyone to take all precautions necessary to avoid contracting the infection to themselves or their families.

It is crucial for us to stay resilient and keep supporting each other. Let us resolve to work hard in the coming year and accomplish for this institution and for our country Pakistan.

I wish you and your family a joyous New Year of good health, happiness, and prosperity, and send your way prayers for a better 2021!


Prof. Dr. Muhammad T. Afzal
COMSATS University Islamabad

  • Tutorial: How to Use Microsoft Teams.
    For FALL 2020 students, MS Teams Account is issued to Undergraducate Students only.
  • Announcement of Undergraduate Scholarships for Students of Balochistan and Erstwhile FATA Phase II, Website Banner
  • Undergraduate programs teaching in Fall 2020 All undergraduate teaching except for the first semester will start from 14th September 2020. All courses will be initially taught online and labs will be conducted physically on campus. Timetable for online teaching and on-campus laboratory sessions will be shared by respective departments.
  • Orientation Semester Fall 2020 The orientation of newly admitted students is scheduled to be held, department wise from September 18 – 20, 2020 at COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad Campus. This time, due to precautionary measures for Covid-19 Pandemic, parents are not invited to attend the orientation session. The schedules of orientation for different departments will be communicated by Monday September 14, 2020 by noon.
    Regular online classes for first semester students will start from September 21, 2020.
  • Graduate programs teaching in Fall 2020 All graduate teaching except for first semester will start from 14th September 2020. All course will be taught physically on campus. Timetable for on campus teaching will be shared by the respective departments.
    First semester graduate teaching will start from 21st September 2020.
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